Welcome to a site of group of the transport companies "AКS"

Group of transport companies "AKS" - dynamically, progressive company which is engaged in transportations of passengers and cargoes in the international route, basically in the north of Scandinavia.

Group of transport companies "AKS" is one of the largest carriers of passengers and cargoes in Murmansk region.

"AKS" has the innovative approach to work, we use own technological experience in various spheres, particular, in logistical, warehouse and customs systems.

The success of "AKS" is our employees. We make very rigid demands to a personnel, that is why in our company works only professionals. We are proud of our command!

In the conditions of prompt development the most important – to keep a face of the company, its principles, values and achievements. "AKS" did not put the purpose of entering the market for reception of fast profits. The company has come for a long time and also plans to work much, without stopping on the reached. The secret of our success is simple – we have found an ideal combination between service, terms and the prices that has allowed us to generate the most favorable for today offers on transportations of passengers and cargoes on the market.

For "AKS" it was important to create business with soul. We consider that the client, the personnel, partners are first of all, people. For this reason in the company there is no formalized approach to work.

"AKS" company works for the client. We are convinced, that, working with people, it is necessary to respect their values and to have with them partner relations.

The motto of "AKS" is «Reliability, quality and comfort!».

Your "force-major" - for us is an ordinary case.

It means that we will do our work always, without dependence from conditions and circumstances.

You could rely on us!